BASTE: to ladle water, drippings or other liquid over food while roasting or baking.

BEAT: to mix smooth and light with a brisk, even rotary motion.

BLANCH: to submerge in boiling water for a short time and then plunge into cold water.

BRAISE: to brown meat or veggies in a small amount of fat or salad oil, then to cover and cook slowly in the juices or a small amount of added liquid.

BREW: to cook in hot liquid until flavor in extracted.

BROIL: to cook by direct heat.

COMBINE: to mix enough to mingle ingredients.

CREAM: to make soft, smooth and creamy.

DREDGE: to coat with a dry substance.

FOLD: to combine by going vertically down through mixture with spoon, go along the bottom of bowl and continue with up and over motion.

MARINATE: to mix with oil and acid mixture and chill.

PAN BROIL: to cook, uncovered in hot skiller, pouring of fat as it accumulates.

PARBOIL: to partially cook in boiling water.

SAUTE: to cook in small amount of fat or salad oil until brown or tender.

SCALD: to bring to a temperature just below boiling point.

SCORE: to cut narrow grooves or gashes.

SIMMER: to cook in liquid just below boiling point.


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