Vegan Quiche by Carmen

This one takes a bit of an effort but it’s worth every single bite.

Crust Filling Sauce
270g flour Beet roots 100g cashews
1tbsp flax seed Sweet potato 2tbsp nutrition yeast flakes
4tbsp walnuts Spinach leaves 1tsp salt
1tsp salt Salt 1tbsp white vinegar
1tsp baking powder Pepper 200ml water
5tbsp olive oil Cumin
1tsp pepper
200mL warm water

For crust blend together flour, flax seeds and walnuts.Quiche

Add the rest of the dry ingredients and stir well.

Add water and stir until smooth and even. Prebake crust dough at 200°c for 10min.

For filling, cut the veggies and steam them until tender and cooked.

For sauce, blend cashews and the rest of the ingredients.

Put the filling on the crust, pour over sauce. Bake at 200°c for 45min.


Table of temperature conversions °C -> °F

Who’s Carmen?


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