Prežganka – a Soup That Saves the Day

Simply put: Prežganka (Pronounced: pra-zh-ghaa-nkaa) is a soup that stops diarrhea, help you with a upset stomach and warm you mood when you feel blue.

My mum made me one not long ago.. honestly, no matter how old you are, where you live, what you do, when you’re ill you want your mum and her magic.

Thanks mum!

3 Tbs cream of wheat Cloves
½ L water ½ chicken stock cube
1 egg  

Beat the egg in a bowl.

Put cream of wheat in a pot, heat on low and roast it stirring until cream of wheat starts to smell pleasantly! (Note: if you overdo roasting of cream of wheat the soup will have terrible taste, and if you under do it it will be bland.)

Add water, cloves, chicken stock cube and stir.

Add egg while stirring.

Soup is done when egg coagulates (become solid) and cream of wheat is soft, roughly 3min. There is no such thing as overcooking a soup, so better to leave it on longer than to little..

*You can add more cream of wheat if you prefer thicker soup and you can add it later, when you already added egg.

**To avoid any possible spiteful mails and nasty comments, I have to tell you I am not a doctor or hold a degree in whatever nutrition. I am in no position to give health advise. I only cook, enjoy food and this soup happened to work well for me..and therefore, I hoped it could work well for you too.

Who’s mum?


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